Fast moving companies are adopting agile scrum project management.  Our podcast guest, Tata Garcia from Bogota, Colombia,  is a scrum master and explains how this new project management process works.  The main difference in this style of project management is the team designs the whole process and what steps need to be done and how it’s going to be done.  In other words the team is responsible for the project design.  That means they are fully committed to the outcome since it’s their own design!

The Scrum Project Management Key Components are:

  1.  Team Selection – People who are committed and have the knowledge to carry out the project.
  2.  Training the team in the scrum framework.
  3.  List of requirements to execute projects and assign a person in charge of each requirement.
  4.  Evaluate scrum results for any discrepancies that need to be addressed.

If you would like to learn more about Scrum or become Scrum certified, check out Scrum Alliance.

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Special Offer from Tata Garcia

Two one-hour sessions on Scrum.  Listeners can choose what they would like to learn about Scrum.  To set up your zoom call, connect with Tata at:      and mention this Fabulous Fempreneurship podcast.

Tata Garcia Bio

I am Martha Liliana Garcia Osorio but everyone call me Tata so I am Tata!  I studied Finance and International Relations in the Externado University in Colombia and then I studied Project Management in the Sergio Arboleda University in Colombia and also, I have a Masters Degree in Innovations Strategies at the European Design Institute in Barcelona, Spain.

I am the co-founder of Project Colombia, Innovation Agency. We have been in the market for 4 years. We help private and public companies in their innovation processes.


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