There aren’t many women in the wine business, but our podcast guest, Aubrey Terrazas has excelled in this male dominated field.  She has been using impact to scale business in the wine industry in France and beyond.  Listen to her story of leaving the US and striking out to change the wine industry in France from her base in Lyon.

In this podcast you will discover:

  • Techniques to overcome gender bias at workplace
  • What is it like working as a woman in wine
  • Using impact to scale business
  • Sustainability & Wine
  • The perspective as a woman in a male-dominated field
  • Adapting an old, passion-driven industry for the modern consumer

Using Impact to Scale Business


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Aubrey Terrazas Bio

Aubrey Terrazas is an 18-year hospitality professional, Master Sommelier candidate, and e-commerce entrepreneur who co-founded the digital wine service, Palate Club. Beyond leading the international wine buying for the team, Aubrey used her experience of tasting 100s of wines each year to identify over 200 wine traits—the core data that Palate Club uses to expertly match wines to your taste.

Aubrey is a wine educator and journalist that champions sustainability and up-and-coming regions for publications such as SommJournal and GuildSomm. Her ideas and disruption to the classic “wine club” model positioned her as one of America’s top sommeliers and wine entrepreneurs. Aubrey lives between Florida and Lyon, France where she frequents vineyards and is an avid runner.

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