How can we understand what our prospective clients need if you aren’t talking the same language? In this podcast episode, we explore how to talk to prospects so they feel we understand them.  

Our guest is an international expert, Pat Duckworth, from the U.K.  She explains in this podcast there are only three essential questions we need to ask. Tune in to hear how simple it is to connect with prospective clients.  You will be amazed!

Pat Duckworth is a best-selling author, therapist and international public speaker. She specializes in helping women at midlife particularly those who are experiencing menopause symptoms. She is passionate about inspiring women to get the best from their lives, no matter what their age. Pat is a naturally gifted public speaker and has spoken at conferences in The Hague, Barcelona, Cyprus and India as well as the UK. She is sought-after as a speaker for organizations and groups on a wide range of subjects including how to become a midlife entrepreneur, and using mind/body techniques to overcome obstacles to wellbeing. Pat has published four books including the award-winning, ‘Hot Women, Cool Solutions; How to control menopause symptoms using mind/body techniques’ and the #1 International Bestseller, ‘Hot Women Rock: How to discover your midlife entrepreneurial mojo.’

Pat’s social media:
Website: Pat Duckworth
LinkedIn: Pat Duckworth
Twitter: Pat Duckworth

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