Ready to uncover the specific niche factor, nail your signature offers and ethically and fearlessly attract your dream clients?  Then you need our guest expert, Christiane Mohr, from Munich, Germany at your side.

In this podcast on the specific niche factor you will learn

  1. The 3 top mistakes entrepreneurs make in positioning their business
  2. What do the stats say about the advantage of niching?
  3. Is there a need for generalists?
  4. Can you diffuse the fear of cutting out too many potential clients?
  5. What are the 3 key elements for a niche?
  6. What are the steps to coming up with a niche?

The Specific Niche Factor – How to Get Your Ideal Clients


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Christiane Mohr Special Offer

Join The Health Coaching BizSHIFT, a free virtual health biz retreat and meet 10 of the kindest and smartest experts on marketing strategy, social media and mindset.

From March 1st – March 5th, 2021, transform your health coaching business to attract your soulmate clients, make money and leave your mark in this world.

  • How to stand out in the online noise by using storytelling & how to actually weave your stories in so that it feels natural.
  • How to break down your FEAR for breaking through your limits
  • Create Social Proof on fire, that you can use everywhere
  • BOOM goals that help you achieve your goals
  • Your guide to build your marketing real estate
  • Uncover the difference between brand and branding

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In case you want to work with Christiane 1:1 contact her via her website.

Christiane Mohr Bio

Holding a master’s degree in marketing, published author and blogger Christiane has mainly helped health & personal development coaches. With her help they cut through the clutter of offering too much to too many and define an “offer of one” built around their unique fortes and favorite clients. Working with Christiane has them finding the niche they thrive in, go from panic to clarity within 10 days or snag multiple dream client inquiries for appointments every week.

Her clients appreciate her welcoming smile and empathic personality teamed up with a sharp analytical mind that helps them see their blind spots in business & cash flow.

When Christiane is not helping her clients to build a business aligned with their values, she enjoys running, eating good food, sailing the Mediterranean or watching the latest outdated TV series she just found on amazon prime over a glass of full-bodied smooth red.

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