The Power of LinkedIn For Business Networking

Nothing helps you better in business than networking through LinkedIn.  Our LinkedIn expert/trainer Stacy Maynard walks us through a professional profile set up and LinkedIn etiquette.  The real value of LinkedIn is creating an online business connection and then moving it offline to form a network of valuable business colleagues.  Listen to our podcast to unleash the power of LinkedIn.

Stacy Maynard’s bio

Stacy is a Digital Media Strategist & Trainer and LinkedIn Specialist. She is not a “Jane of all trades” and master of none. She is a master of this online world with a unique mix of business smarts and tech-geekness. LinkedIn is my Speciality as it is recognized as “THE” professional social network.

As an Author of “30 Day Dominate LinkedIn Challenge”, Trainer, Speaker and tech-whiz, Stacy wears a lot of hats. That is what makes her unique. She is passionate about helping businesses and corporations gain the digital advantage, especially when it comes to LinkedIn. Stacy loves training on how to do take advantage of the latest opportunities to stand out online while maintaining your personal brand.  Creating a personal brand is an essential part of your business branding.  Let’s get started on your LinkedIn journey.


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Twitter:  Socially Stacy
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Here is Stacy’s link to a free download called “The 6 steps to a LinkedIn profile that is Branding Brilliant”

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