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Our featured podcast guest today, Anu Vittal, has a unique story to tell.  Once you hear her journey, you will understand why Anu believes in the importance of entrepreneurship for women.

From her own debilitating injuries and the inability to get comfortable, Anu invented unique beanbag chairs. Her beanbag chair company became a booming manufacturing business across Canada with both retail stores and online sales.   Listen to Anu’s story of courage and commitment to get her business off the ground.  The hard work and focus resulted in a successful business in just 7 short years.

Anu discusses how she developed her unique selling proposition (USP) for her unique bean bags, startup struggles with cash flow and hiring staff.  As technology advanced, Anu developed marketing techniques to harness the power of social media channels to expand her business.

Anu is now creating change in communities and the empowerment of women in areas of the world that have few resources.

“Be fearless, be bold, you have opportunities. There will be difficulties and challenges but these trials make you a better person.”  Anu Vittal

“Every cut is another part of the diamond to polish.” Anu Vittal

Anu Vittal Bio

Anu Vittal is an award-winning Canadian entrepreneur, visual artist, writer, and life-coach. She is the CEO of AVC Inc and believes in empowering people to create, connect and celebrate.

With 13 years of corporate experience in the fields of marketing & supply chain, Anu brings expertise in process improvement as a certified Six Sigma Specialist and ISO-9001 Auditor. Since the last ten years, her significant strengths are set in being a successful serial entrepreneur. As a practicing artist and arts administrator, she believes that artists directly benefit the eco-cultural balance of a country. As ALL Canada Chairperson for Social Change and Networks and a community leader she always inspires everyone to share their unique gift and contribute to the world. Lastly, Anu advocates the importance of volunteering and has worked and served on boards of non-profit organizations in North America. Her contributions to the charitable world won her the prestigious Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award in 2009. She is a loving humanitarian with a pure passion for the arts and an ARTepreneur with a purpose. She was recently awarded “Iconic Woman Entrepreneur for Creative Industry” at Women Economic Forum 2017 in New Delhi.

In her previous roles as Marketing Director for Artsmarketing Services, she promoted and supported museums, symphonies, ballets and art centers across Canada and USA. Recently, she was posted in India with the Canadian Government – Trade Commissioner Services Division for developing the arts, culture and creative industries. Currently, as a cultural connector, her pursuits are artfully created projects that connect countries and foster a legacy of happiness for humanity worldwide.


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Anu Vittal Book

Create Happiness by Being SPPPFFyAnu’s book is now available worldwide in 14 countries on Kindle and Amazon.  Anu’s book will help people find peace and happiness in their lives through SPPPFF.

SPPPFF – Is goal setting for life balance that helps you align your life and being aware of the moment, enjoying the “now”.

“Find your gift to share with the world… that is your legacy!” Anu Vittal

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