How can we learn the art of working in a feminine way?  Julia Schneider explains in this podcast that we can avoid burnout by learning the art of working in a feminine way.  Using nontraditional ways to heal herself after she experienced burnout, Julia has innovative solutions for being successful in business and life.  She shares her secrets in this motivating podcast.

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Julia Schneider Bio

I am a holistic health & life transformation coach whose first career as a personal trainer came to an abrupt stop due to extreme burnout in my late 20’s. After being unable to find help in traditional medicine, I turned to nature & my intuition for guidance and figured out a way to recover my health. Today I’m incredibly passionate about helping women who are making a positive difference in the world with their businesses, do so in a way that supports them in being healthy, energetic and deeply inspired by what they are creating.

For more advice on health, emotions, stress and self-leadership tune in to this podcast.


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