Are women pre-programmed to think they have to be perfect in every way? Looking after your health and lead a fulfilling life, is the most important goal, so it’s time to stop dieting and start listening to your body.

Our podcast guest, Amanda Gazzola had to go through her own transformation to understand the importance of health and she now has a brand new best selling book “Finally A Diet That Works for Me”.  In this podcast Amanda talks about

  • What are women currently facing on a daily basis that triggers their brains into thinking “my body isn’t good enough”?
  • Is body image something that needs to be dealt with on a constant basis?
  • If people struggling to commit, what help is available to make health a priority

Stop Dieting and Start Listening to Your Body


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Amanda Gazzola Special Offer

Stop Dieting and Start Listening to Your Body and to kick off your new life, Amanda has an eight week online bootcamp starting January 19th.  Find out all about it here:

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Amanda Gazzola Bio

Amanda Gazzola is known as the energizer bunny.  She is a serial entrepreneur and is an author of Amazon’s best-selling book of Finally, A Diet That Works For Me.  Amanda loves to help women transform physically and mentally! Amanda has firsthand experience in transformation, competing in multiple fitness competitions, speaking on stages across Ontario, running boot camps for hundreds of clients and providing makeup artistry for photoshoots, competitions, models and magazines.

Amanda is the creator of RELOVE+RISE Coaching and Consulting and has her own podcast series. She has also been featured as a regular guest on Rogers TV C-Suites with Danielle deShaw.

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