Stephanie Slocum is a graduate engineer from Penn State University. After working full time as an engineer for 15 years Stephanie felt trapped.  She wrote a best selling book while working 50+ hours a week as an employee and also raising 3 young children.  This led to starting a business while working full time.   The self-published book started her on the paid speaking circuit and then she created a step by step systems based approach to starting a side business (without quitting your day job) for other women professionals who wanted to explore entrepreneurship.

In this podcast Stephanie talks about starting a business while working full time

  • The biggest challenge she had to overcome
  • Time management
  • The advantage of starting a side gig before leaping full time into entrepreneurship
  • The common challenges Stephanie encounters with her clients wanting this lifestyle and her advice to them

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Stephanie Slocum Bio

Stephanie Slocum knows what it’s like to have a corporate career that looks amazing on paper but makes you feel trapped. After 15 years working as an engineer, she started her business as a side project by self-publishing the bestselling book She Engineers: Outsmart Bias, Unlock Your Potential, and Live the Engineering Career of your Dreams. She wrote the book while working 50+ hour weeks as an employee and with three small children at home.

Six months after publishing her book she quit her corporate job to teach other frustrated professional women the people + business skills they need to have the impact they want on world, which for a growing number of women means starting their own businesses. Her step-by-step systems-based approach to starting a side business (without quitting your day job!) gets women who have no time results quickly, so they too can launch their impact-driven businesses without the financial downside of the traditional entrepreneurship path.

Stephanie is a keynote and women’s empowerment speaker, mom of three girls, proud introvert, and winner of the 2020 Connected World Women in Technology Award. Stephanie has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in architectural engineering.

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