Financial expert, Joanna Blackmore, explains why it is important to protect your financial assets in business and life.  Many people believe their biggest asset is their home but Joanna will reveal what your biggest asset really is! In our podcast Joanna covers the basics of how to protect your financial assets in business and life as well as why it is so important to  have a will and power of attorney.  Joanna wants to empower all women entrepreneurs to actively participate in the financial part of their lives.

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Special Offer to Protect Your Financial Assets

Joanna has offered a free 30 minute consultation to the first 6 women via telephone or zoom.  Joanna is happy to answer any money questions related to protecting their assets.  Joanna can be reached via email at:

Joanna Blackmore Bio

Joanna is affectionately known as the UK Girl and has a passion for helping people.  She loves networking, building relationships, and connecting people! That’s why she’s the founder of BizConX Network and The Blackmore Levy Group, and co-founder of Independent Women in Leadership. As the chief Financial Architect of Blackmore Levy Group, she and her colleagues help individuals and families build a solid Financial House from the ground up.

Protecting Your Financial Assets In Business and LifeBlackmore Levy Group is a full-service Financial Brokerage and they custom design and build or re-build your Financial House the right way. No matter where you are today, they can help you!  They love educating women in plain language to help them understand where they are today and what they need to do to reach their financial goals and dreams.  No two families are alike. Let Joanna and her team custom design the personalized Blueprint of your Financial House.


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