Every women entrepreneur needs a mentor!  We all benefit from the experience of mentorship at whatever stage our business is at.  Our podcast guest, Trish Tonaj is a speaker, entrepreneurial coach and author who believes in the power of mentorship.   In this podcast we discuss the importance of mentorship and the symbiotic relationship of a mentor and mentee, and the different kinds of mentorship.  Trish also talks about the importance of forming strategic relationships/alliances to power your business forward.  You have this amazing opportunity to share your story with Trish, see below for her special offer to our podcast guests.

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Website:  https://phaze2wellness.com/

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/phaze2wellness

Instagram: Trish_Tonaj

Special Offer on Mentorship

It would be my pleasure to feature stories from your listening audience; please feel free to send me an email to trish@phaze2wellness.com and I will forward YOUR personal invitation!

Trish Tonaj Bio

Trish Tonaj is a speaker, entrepreneurial coach and author who believes in Mentorship and the power of storytelling.

With a passion for speaking, she will share stories that inspire great ideas with anecdotes on finding “The Mentor” who will help you create your own brand of magic!

Celebrating over 25 years as an entrepreneur, Trish is a coach, working with Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Leaders who build a culture of success while mentoring their team.

As the Mentors, Mentor…  Trish will share tools to ignite your passion and Define Goals, Navigate Change and Achieve Results while creating your own definition for success.


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