As a successful physician, Dr. LaChelle Wieme listened to the calling to become an entrepreneur.   Are you listening to the nudges to guide your journey?   Those little whispered voices in the back of your mind that show you a different direction.   In this podcast LaChelle tells her story of how she pivoted away from a lucrative career in healthcare to start on a different journey.  She can help you with an escape plan.

In this podcast you will discover:

  • How LaChelle decided to leave her 20 year career at an established medical
  • What nudges were the easiest to hear?
  • What were the most challenging to listen to?
  • How does LaChelle want to help other women with their businesses?
  • What is a question LaChellewould ask her clients to help get them unstuck and moving forward?

Listening to the Nudges to Guide Your Journey


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Dr. LaChelle Wieme Bio

Dr. LaChelle Wieme is a spirit-led mompreneur who knows what it’s like to juggle a career, a family, and a deeper calling. She left her 20 year nurse anesthesia career to make more money, more impact, and more time with her family. Now she’s on a mission to help other women by strategizing their escape plan, scale their business, and level up their courage in
order to finally create their life by design.

As a coach, speaker, author, and podcaster, LaChelle uses a unique blend of brain science, quantum physics and scripture to help others gain clarity, confidence, and consistency. She’s on a mission to help multi-passionate solopreneuers create sustainable income and impact…FASTER.

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