Getting that life/work balance right for YOU can be a challenge and perhaps you need to consider letting go of the hustle culture?  But if letting go of the hustle culture scares you because of FOMO (fear of missing out) then our podcast with Sarah Dawn from Scottsdale, Arizona could help you create success in your personal and professional life.

In this podcast you will discover:

  • What did burnout look like for Sarah Dawn in her own career?
  • How did she overcome it?
  • How does Sarah Dawn’s business help others overcome it as well?
  • What other pain points does Sarah Dawn uncover
  • How can we become the leader our team wants to follow?
  • How do we shift from people pleasers into people who make the right decisions for our business?

Letting Go of the Hustle Culture


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Sarah Dawn Bio

Sarah Dawn, Esq., a business growth expert and host of The Nothing Serious Podcast, helps entrepreneurs and professionals create the business of their dreams that supports a lifestyle they love! Sarah is no stranger to success and building 7 figure businesses. She has also experienced plenty of overwhelm and burnout, but has ultimately forged a path to a blissful blend of record-breaking business growth and personal fulfillment.

Growing up in poverty, where her family couldn’t always afford food and utilities, she was hell-bent on creating a better life. As soon as Sarah was old enough to get a job, she quickly saw the lifestyle hard work could provide her. Working multiple jobs as a teen meant she could have the things she wanted and even pulled her away from a destructive path as a troubled youth.

Sarah worked her way through school to earn her B.S. in Psychology, a Juris Doctorate from Texas A&M, and went on to become a licensed attorney. Still holding onto the belief that the harder she worked, the more success she would have, when Sarah checked all the boxes professionally, she was starting to burn herself out.

At an early age, her body wasn’t responding well to nonstop hustle. As a result of this burnout, Sarah endured life-altering pain, surgeries, pain medications, and finally a sudden onset of Bell’s Palsy. Sarah was the “face” of her organization, and when her face literally stopped working, she decided to make some big changes. This was the beginning of Sarah’s journey to tailor her work to her zone of genius and delegate and eliminate what didn’t serve her.

Sarah Dawn has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals create the business and life of their dreams, as an expert at marrying kickass business growth strategy with unparalleled levels of personal fulfillment. Simplify, systemize, and scale are the three pillars she operates from to transform her clients into successful, well-balanced leaders and business owners. She is a member of both the Texas and Arizona Bar Associations, Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, and multiple women’s business organizations. When Sarah isn’t helping her clients grow their businesses, you can find her doing all things outdoors in Arizona with her husband, two boys, and two rescue pups: a husky who loves the desert heat and a boxer who just can’t get enough love.

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