Can you use media to amplify your business?  Our guest expert, Christy Laverty, says yes, business owners can absolutely pitch directly to the media to earn media and PR.  You can do it yourself without hiring an agency.  In this podcast, Christy gives us the inside scoop and a quick checklist of how entrepreneurs can go about earning media mentions, press and features.  Using her tips, you can use media to amplify your business and create that know, like and trust factor that is so important in the sales process.  The value is far greater than paid advertising.  And if you think Twitter is dead, Christy will explain why it’s one of the most important social media tools to find journalists and see what they are talking about.

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Christy Laverty Bio

Christy Laverty is a media coach and PR consultant.  She takes all the knowledge and experience she gained working in Canada’s largest broadcast newsrooms and shares it all with entrepreneurs so they can amplify their businesses.


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