As a life coach, Rachel Benton knows first hand how to stop letting fear, doubts and comparison hold you back from achieving what you want.  Is this something we can overcome as entrepreneurs?  In this podcast Rachel guides us through the process.  You will learn:

1. Examples that Rachel sees with her clients when fear, doubt & comparison really come up?
2. Explaining the vicious cycle of fear, doubt and comparison?
3. What is the root cause of fear? Why do people experience fear?
4. How do business owners break free from these sabotaging behaviours?
5. Can someone really get over the fear or is it always showing up for them at different levels?
6. What are a couple of things that we can do to start the process?

How to Stop Letting Fear, Doubts and Comparison Hold you Back from Achieving What you Want


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Rachel Benton Bio

Rachel is a certified Heal Your Life Teacher and Life Coach. She uses the simple yet profound philosophy and work of Louise Hay to help her clients discover what is holding them back from their full potential.

She focuses her work on what she coins her ‘Successful Self Transformation Method’. This is a 5 step method to help female entrepreneurs break through fear, doubt and comparison, increase their confidence and step into the next level of themselves so they can grow their business and be proud of who they are and what they are building.

This is how she went from lost, overwhelmed and unfulfilled in her corporate job to a successful, thriving entrepreneur. She had to do the work before she could teach it and it’s by using the tools and ncorporating healthy practices that she was able to get here. When she is not coaching private clients or groups, you can find her dancing her little heart out, cuddling her beautiful boxer puppy Maddie or out in nature.

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