The Strategy Of  How to Relocate Successfully And Find Your Happy Place

Having lived in San Francisco, Austin, West Texas and Iowa, Margaret Vandergriff takes the struggle out of moving. In this podcast, we explore how to move to your happy place.  The first step isn’t searching on Google!  It’s really looking inward and focusing on your own needs. What makes you happy? Let’s be honest here! Don’t make assumptions about the place you are thinking about.  Outside influences such as Google, your friends and family can totally confuse you.  Margaret breaks down what’s important and what isn’t. This way you can avoid costly mistakes in your relocation and how to relocate successfully.


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Special Offer:  Avoid a costly relocation disaster! Discover where you’ll be the happiest living BEFORE you move – city, suburbs, small town or countryside!

Margaret Vandergriff Bio

Margaret Vandergriff is a relocation planning coach who helps entrepreneurs move successfully. She founded Harvest Moon Coaching in 2016 after a disastrous relocation experience shed light on the need for a reliable, unbiased system to guide the search for the right place to live. Margaret created this system by adapting tools and strategies she developed over 25 years as a nonprofit grants consultant to help entrepreneurs take the guesswork out of their relocation search, save time and money looking, and feel confident they’ll thrive in the place they choose.

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