Branding Partnerships Can Help Build Your Business

Branding Your Company

Branding Your Company

You’ve probably heard the African saying “If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together”. That’s what branding partnerships are all about, going far, together. In this podcast our expert, Karen Syszcz explains how she was able to grow her own business by partnering with another business.  Karen talks about why small business owners should seek out branding partnerships and some of the best practices for approaching another business for a partnership. She gives advice to small business owners who are looking to develop their own brand.

Karen Swyszcz’s Bio

Karen Swyszcz is the founder of MakintheBacon. It began as a personal finance blog back in 2012. She now provides consulting services for small business owners in the areas of blogging, branding and social media. Karen is also a group fitness instructor with GoodLife Fitness and an instructor at Sheridan College for Social Media Writing.

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