How Do Our Personal Energy Levels Affect Our Productivity?

Jennifer Lyall has some great tips in this podcast to help us gauge our personal energy levels during the day and find a fix when we have nothing in the tank.  The result is increased productivity for the balance of the day if we get tuned into our body’s needs.  Better still, Jennifer talks about how increased self-awareness of our energy levels can lead to a lifetime habit of up-leveling your life.


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Jennifer Lyall Bio

Jennifer Lyall is a sought-after spiritual development expert who helps people connect with their soul and develop their intuition to clearly see what to do in their life, their business or relationships to fulfill their soul’s purpose.  Her unique Connect to U modality is the foundation for up-leveling your life.  She’s a Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Teacher and Authentic Living Guide who thrives on creating the sacred space for expansion.

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