It took some time for Sophie Charlotte to be true to herself.  Born in the Netherlands with a career in teaching, she was miserable, anxious and depressed.  Sophie is passionate, she shares you can only be happy if you are true to yourself. And as a starting point, you have to find this truth.  In this podcast, Sophie shares her journey and helps others how to be true to yourself for a happier and fulfilled life.  As a highly sensitive person (HSP) finding her truth meant uprooting herself and moving to Florence, Italy where she now flourishes.

Here are some interesting books to help you in your journey to be true to yourself.

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Sophie Charlotte is a life coach for driven women who want to turn their dreams into reality. She’s overcome anxiety disorder by following her own big, bold dream of moving to Florence, Italy in 2010 – and finally being able to flourish as her true self. Finding her own truth and living accordingly are her main drivers in life and she helps her clients do the same. She believes the world would be a better place if everybody did what they truly desired. She works specifically with women with big dreams and helps them to dare be true to their natural selves by doing what they love and attracting what they desire into their lives.

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