When COVID-19 completely wipes out your business, what do you do?  Linda Barnett, Founder of this popular business, explains how the Travelling TeaRoom became a virtual business during the pandemic.  Linda is a retired banker who followed her passion to start a brand new business serving high teas, using many of her mother’s recipes..  She didn’t expect to have pivot so dramatically when the pandemic hit.

In this podcast Linda talks about

  • How her business evolved from the Travelling TeaRoom to a group of related businesses
  • New advertising platforms she embraced to stay in touch with current customers and expand her customer base.
  • Which social platforms does she use to promote her business
  • How she overcame some initial fears to go live on Zoom and Facebook to hold virtual events showcasing a selection of her jewellery and accessories
  • How Linda collaborated with other female entrepreneurs to expand her line and hold joint virtual events

How the Travelling Tearoom Became a Virtual Business During the Pandemic


The Travelling TeaRoom Social Links

Website: www.thetravellingtearoom.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thetravelingtearoom

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travelling_tearoom/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0aZrtNP28o

Special Offer:

Listeners wishing to purchase fashion jewellery and fashion accessories from The Travelling TeaRoom and Boutique, that mention this podcast from Fabulous Fempreneurship, will receive a $5 credit on a purchase of $25 or more. email lbarnett@thetravellingtearoom.ca to activate this offer.

A sample of jewellery, tea and fashion accessories from the Travelling TeaRoom boutique

travelling tearoom products

travelling tearoom products




Linda Barnett Bio

After retiring from a banking career, Linda became Owner and Founder of The Travelling TeaRoom where she brings a High Tea experience to the privacy of your own home, developed Private Label Teas, created bespoke Tea themed Note Card Stationary, published a successful Cookbook, offers specialty Chakra-Yoga line of teas, and has a jewellery and accessory Boutique for women.

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