How Powerful Women Cement Trust

Cathy Thompson is an award-winning entrepreneur, having launched six successful business ventures.  Cathy also mentors new and established women in business.  In our podcast, Cathy talks about the importance of trust and how it keeps and amplifies client relationships.

As CEO and franchisor of “Beyond the Classroom”, a leading provider of in-home K-12 tutoring services for students in Ontario, Cathy has established trust within her own organization and with the families that become clients of Beyond the Classroom.  Her organization puts the needs of the students above absolutely everything because when you are providing a tutoring service this should be the only consideration.

In our podcast, learn the secrets of creating trust and put them to work in your own company.

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Cathy Thompson Bio

Cathy Thompson is a global expert in youth education, wellness, and resiliency. She is the founder of several companies, including Beyond the Classroom, the leading provider of in-home, K-12 tutoring services for students in Ontario.
Cathy’s mission is to inspire millions of children and youth around the world to grow their confidence, life skills, and academic capacity so they can make a meaningful life-long contribution to their families, schools, and communities.
Cathy is a pioneer in the field of youth mental health and wellness. Her programs have been adopted by internationally recognized non-profit organizations and are in use globally. She is considered a go-to expert on youth and is a sought after speaker, consultant, and trainer by community groups, non-profits and organizations focused on supporting confident, resilient children.
An award-winning entrepreneur, Cathy has launched six successful business ventures and mentors new and established women in business to create profitable, sustainable and meaningful companies.
Cathy is passionate about children’s wellness and has presented at numerous conferences and events internationally regarding mental health, particularly in the area of young women and depression.


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