How Entrepreneurs Can Master Their Finances

Whether you are selling your products online or offline, getting your finances set up properly is important.  In this podcast,  accountant, Carmela Pirillo, CGA, CPA , shows how entrepreneurs can master their finances.  We talk about tips and tricks for entrepreneurs who are DIY bookkeepers for their business, including the need to set up proper accounting if you are selling on Amazon and ways entrepreneurs can save money.  We cover it all so that you save money and time and do away with all the stress!


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Carmela Pirillo Bio

Carmela is a Chartered Professional Accountant in Aurora, Ontario and has helped many small businesses gain control of their finances as well as helping them navigate the complex tax rules.

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Carmela offers a valuable 1-hour consultation to help entrepreneurs get the financial aspects of their business on track,  free up their time and reduce their stress. Contact Carmela via email to set up a free consultation at:


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