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Flex Your Confidence Muscle

This is the one podcast all women should listen to and if you have a daughter, make sure she listens too!  Why?  Because Professor Maja, knows exactly why we need to get out of our heads and gain confidence. As a renowned Sociologist, author, keynote speaker and frequent guest expert on CTV’s “The Social”, Professor Major is on a mission to change how women feel about themselves.

In this inspiring, passionate and funny podcast, Maja talks about how we let the “shitty committee” drain us of all confidence, ruminate on our failures, endlessly apologize and seek unobtainable perfectionism.  You will learn how to stop this from happening and gain the confidence to apply for that new position, launch yourself into a new career or start your own business.

Want To Gain Confidence?  Professor Maja Says “Stop Ruminating”!


 Professor Maja’s bio:

Professor Maja is a sociologist, author, and guest expert on CTV’s The Social. She is an apology-hater, confidence-builder and recovering make-up addict. She also hates the word humble.

 To deal with the lack of confidence, the abundance of perfectionism, and incessant apologies she witnessed daily, Prof. Maja authored two books (“Hey Ladies, Stop Apologizing…and other career mistakes women make” and “Hey Ladies, Stop Apologizing, THE WORKBOOK“.)

 Professor Maja runs a leadership organization that trains women to improve their confidence, communication, and mindset. Maja also speaks to women of all ages on topics such as self-promotion, perfectionism, time-management, and body positivity.

 Professor Maja hold a PhD in sociology from McMaster University where she also teaches. Recently, Maja was nominated for the YWCA’s 2017 Woman of Distinction Award, in the category of Education and Mentorship for her commitment to the development of young women.

 Her third book dealing with perfectionism is due in late 2018. Her podcast “Why Not Me? with Professor Maja” launches in the late summer of 2018.

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The first two listeners who contact Professor Maja on social media, either Twitter or Instagram and mention this podcast, will receive an autographed copy of Professor Maja’s book and workbook “Hey Ladies Stop Apologizing”Don’t miss out, contact Professor Maja today if you want to change your life and gain confidence.


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