The Link Between Mental, Emotional and Physical Health

Your health, emotions, stress & self-leadership go hand in hand.  If we get on the right page with our own self-leadership, we can not only have overall better health but we also empower others. Once we appreciate the power of our emotions and what stress really is, we can connect to our inner power and become better parents, partners, leaders, and more compassionate human beings.  Our podcast guest, Edita Atteck explores how in today’s society we struggle with increased chronic illness, stress, anxiety, a toxic workplace atmosphere, an epidemic of mental health issues in kids, and how our search for quick fixes undermines the path to our well-being. There are alternative ways, but first, we need to understand how our bodies and minds work together.  Your health, emotions, stress & self-leadership need to be explored.   Can you Awaken Your Inner Leader?

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Edita Atteck Bio

Edita Atteck is an author, mentor and speaker. She helps busy professionals create massive transformation in their lives, allowing them to get unstuck, transform stress, become more resilient and thrive in life. She recently published her book  “Awaken Your Inner Leader: Transform Stress, Develop Emotional Mastery and Thrive”, available at You can reach Edita through her website


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