Our podcast guest, Marylou Heenan, ran successful language schools for over 30 years.  All her business was from international markets.  Expanding your business internationally takes a different kind of experience.  Marylou explains how to develop the right relationships to help you reach markets that you have never ventured into before.  Her vast knowledge can easily be translated into action steps if you are planning on expanding your business internationally.

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A Cash Flow Plan is a written plan individualized for each client or family, which takes into account your income and expenses, and your assets and liabilities.  It literally changes the way that cash flows through your household and shows you where you will be in 5 or 10 years while serving as a tool to help you make the types of decisions you need to make today such as paying down debt, funding your TFSA or RSP, your children’s education, and/or saving for a home.

The standard investment for setting up a plan is $1850 (plus HST), and this covers the initial plan plus a year of consultation and review.   For listeners of the podcast, I am offering a discount on the plan to $1250 (plus HST).

My goal is always to save or find the money to fund your plan while still making sure you can enjoy the life you want with the money you already have.  Should you not feel that you need a Cash Flow Plan, I also offer a no-obligation review of your current investment and insurance portfolio.

For a free no-obligation 15-minute phone consultation, connect with me by phone at 416-939-2000 or through my website at www.marylouheenan.com and mention the International Business Podcast.

Not a Canadian listener?  Connect with Marylou through her website to see how she could help you.

Marylou Heenan Bio

Marylou Heenan is a Financial Advisor who grew up in an English speaking family in Toronto and had the travel bug from an early age. After high school, she left on a 9-month trip to Europe and ended up staying there for 3 years, living in France and England, and becoming fluent in both French and Spanish.

After coming back to Canada, and immediately after finishing her degree in languages at University of Toronto, Marylou opened one of Toronto’s first language schools.  She added a second one in 1997, and both schools have been very successful bringing international students to Canada over 30 years.   Marylou eventually sold both of the schools and moved on.  Five years ago, she began a new career as a Financial Advisor which she really loves and finds very rewarding.

As a Financial Advisor and a Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCS™) Marylou provides clients in the GTA with a written plan and strategies to manage their cash flow to create wealth at all stages of their lives.

Financial advice encompasses much more than investments and insurance.  Marylou focuses on the people behind the numbers, ensuring they are preparing for the future and protecting their families from risk.  A cash flow plan is a valuable resource that can make a very positive improvement for you and serve as a basis for important decisions.

Still an entrepreneur, Marylou knows the challenges of running a profitable business, minimizing taxes, converting dividends to personal wealth, and dealing with risk and return.

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Website:              www.marylouheenan.com

Blog:                      https://justgoodadvice.ca/

LinkedIn:             https://www.linkedin.com/in/marylouheenan/

FB:                          https://www.facebook.com/MarylouHeenan.1/


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