Creative Ways to Calculate your Entrepreneurial ROI

Is your money creating the life you want?  Our podcast guest, Hadriana Leo explores this fascinating subject.  The traditional ROI of a business is calculated by money and the bottom line results, but we need to change this measurement.  It isn’t just money.  Yes, we need money in order for our business to run efficiently but if we have no time, are losing our health and are beginning to hate our business, then money alone won’t bring us the result we want.

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Hadriana Leo Bio

Hadriana has mastered the art of bringing heart to money and purpose to plenty.

Her unique Math+Mindset™ approach to money mastery is the foundation of her practice. She is able to reach her audience on a level like no other because she keeps it real: real life, real simple and real-istic.  She is simply a money navigator.

Professionally, her tools are honed from her years of experience and training as an Investment Advisor, Certified Cashflow Specialist, High School Teacher, and Mom.  She runs a thriving financial coaching business and contributes to several collaborative ventures with other wellness and financial practitioners.

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