Leaders Who Make Things Happen

“Personal development is key to creating leaders who make things happen.”

A direct quote from our podcast guest Lorlett Hudson.  Learning is growing because we only know what we know right now. We all need to continue to grow as it’s part of the process to get on a larger stage and become leaders who make things happen.  Who you were yesterday isn’t who you are today.  Our mind is like an elastic band we can teach it anything and if we keep practicing we will get better at the things we learn but it is important to take actionable steps after we have had practice.  Lorlett has many tips for how you can improve and become leaders who make things happen.


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Lorlett Hudson Executive Leadership Coach Bio


As a Peak Performance and Executive Leadership Coach, Lorlett is on a mission to support senior Executives and Entrepreneurs to improve their productivity, stay relevant, focused and produce powerful results in their personal and professional lives.

In 2000, Lorlett established One Hand Cant Clap one of the UK’s leading Learning and development enterprises to address under-performance and improve productivity in the workplace and school system and working with executives and senior professionals.

Her pioneering approach has resulted in winning the Silver Award of the prestigious British Female Inventors & Innovators Awards, Wave-makers National Awards, a recent runner-up in the National Training Awards and also a Member of Courvoisier The Future 500 top talents in the UK.  All in recognition of her innovative and unique ‘story-based’ coaching and training style of improving productivity and performance.

Lorlett is a multi-award winning inventor herself and empowers executives in being innovative, turning ideas into enterprise; nurturing their planning and initiating abilities in the area of project management and effective communications.  A born Jamaican, Lorlett is an author of a 52-Card Box of Jamaican/Caribbean proverbs used to facilitate change and develop high performing teams.  She is also an International Speaker and Trainer.  Lorlett is currently renovating a business retreat space in her native Jamaica where she conducts masterminds for upcoming leaders.  Connect with Lorlett on LinkedIn to find out more about her programs in Jamaica.

Business Retreat Space, Jamaica

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Education and Certifications

  • BA Mass Communication, Guildhall University, London
  • Post-grad diploma in Professional Development (minor in counseling)
  • Certificate in Coaching, Newcastle College
  • Transformational Leadership Practitioner 1998—Present

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