Once your business gets rolling, you want to be consciously leading yourself into being a CEO.  That means addressing the difference between  being a Manager and a CEO.  In this podcast with Amy Edge, operation manager to entrepreneurs,  you will learn how to transition from being a Manager to consciously leading yourself into being a CEO.  Amy will ask some key questions.

  • Are you the bottleneck?
  • Why you cannot be both a CEO and a manager in your business?
  • How can you identify if you are stuck in manager mode?
  • What measures can you take to shift into being the CEO?
  • What time blockers in your schedule prevent you from stepping into the CEO role fully?

Consciously Leading Yourself into Being a CEO


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LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amyedge/

Amy Edge Bio

Amy Edge is a Director of Operations and Integrator for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs. After founding Amy Edge & Co., she turned her passion into a full-time business alongside five team members to ensure clients are taking the “right” next step for their business. Her transparency, ownership, and standard of excellence allow her to service her clients with success while providing tangible results.

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