Women entrepreneurs are challenging the imposter syndrome with their own authencity code and regardless of their age are forging their own paths, according to our podcast guest, Sandy Stamato.  Sandy says it may be time to start that new business, reinvent your career and become a “limb dweller”. If you are fascinated to understand the “limb dweller” spirit, this podcast is a must.  You will discover:

  1. What is a Limb Dweller?
  2. How do you see Imposter Syndrome show up in business owners?
  3. What are some ways you help people challenge their Imposter Syndrome?
  4. Why do you think it’s more important now than ever to talk about Imposter Syndrome?
  5. Tell me a little bit more about the Authenticity Code
  6. What’s the one thing people can do to start addressing their imposter syndrome?

Challenging the Imposter Syndrome Podcast

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Sandy Stamato Bio

Curious, adventurous, intuitive. Sandy Stamato is not afraid to go out on a limb, because if you are a “limb dweller” like she is, that’s where you live your most fulfilling life. A limb dweller is someone who marches to the beat of an entirely different drum and challenging the imposter syndrome wherever she goes. By forging her own path and not prescribing to the norm, Sandy knows what an amazing perspective can be gained from this sometimes lonely, but more often exhilarating outlook.

A heart-centered business coach, Sandy has firsthand experience feeling like she wasn’t the typical, corporate 9-5 woman. In her 20s, she learned that as a limb dweller, of course she didn’t fit in. This knowledge was the foundation for her success both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur.

This success also spurred her passion to work with other businesswomen and owners who, in the second half of their lives, are seeking to reconnect with their own “limb dweller” spirit which has laid dormant due to the challenges of ‘adulting’. It may be time to start that new business, reinvent your current work, or bring 100% of your limb dweller energy to your corporate job.

Sandy’s business coaching offers a haven for finding clarity, possibility, hope, and vision and challenging the imposter syndrome. If you have ever had that longing in your chest asking “what if?” then Sandy is the guide for you.

Sandy is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. She has over 30 years of experience in advertising sales, marketing, training, and consulting. Sandy has a way of being vulnerable, funny and upbeat, while not backing away from the hard truths her clients need to hear. g to business owners and salespeople. For more information, visit: www.limbdweller.com

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