A Discussion About Building Businesses From Scratch

In this podcast episode, serial entrepreneur, Crystal Leochko talks about building and selling her marketing company and why she started Bloomiss, a natural skincare line.  Crystal is a pro at building businesses from scratch. One business was a service company and Bloomiss is a product based company in a completely different field. Crystal explains what she has learned in this journey.

Some of the marketing ideas she had for other companies when she was a marketer carried over to her new business.  Her prior media connections have proved to be invaluable too. The challenges of her product based company, such as bar coding and developing a wholesaler network have been a new learning curve for Crystal.

Crystal Leochko Bio

Crystal has a passion for branding and marketing for over 20 years, working on a company she built and has recently sold. She has won numerous awards for business and her charitable endeavours, and she’s now applying her intensity and skills to Bloomiss, a natural organic line of products all of which she has formulated herself. Crystal started her company, building it from scratch while she was trying to change from being a Type A person in order to fight infertility.She found making natural products had a side effect, she zoned out and calmed down and finally stopped thinking about fertility challenges.

Social media links for Crystal are…
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BloomissNaturals/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloomissnaturals/
Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/bloomissnaturals
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bloomissnatural
Website: www.Bloomiss.com

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