Our podcast guest, Inbal Claudio has taken a big leap, breaking into the tech world with no tech experience!  This bold move came as a result of discovering so many platforms were out of the reach of many small businesses.   She is setting out to change that.

In this podcast you will discover

  1. – How Inbal came up with the idea for Like Minded?
  2. – What has been her biggest challenge while building her platform?
  3. – Why this platform differs from other influencer marketing businesses?
  4. – What’s the biggest misconception that people have when it comes to influencer marketing?
  5. – What personal hurdles she encountered over the year and a half it took Inbal to launch Like Minded?
  6. – If Inbal could change one thing about the way she approached this company, what would it be?

Breaking Into the Tech World with No Tech Experience


Inbal Claudio Social Links

Instagram: Like.Minded.Collective

Facebook: Like.Minded.Co

Website:  https://likemindedcollective.com/

Inbal Claudio Bio

Inbal Claudio is an entrepreneur, military spouse, and mom from Southern California.

In 2019, Inbal started researching influencer marketing tactics for her small business, but the platforms she discovered were completely out of her budget. Inbal’s own experiences lead her to decide to do the next best thing which is to create a platform where everyone is welcome. Like Minded Collective is a networking marketplace where like-minded influencers, brands, and businesses can all connect.

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