In this episode Certified Life Coach, Luisa Sousa talks about how we can change our lives by awakening consciousness and the law of attraction.   Women can rescue themselves and find meaning in their lives.  Through her own journey, Luisa gives her complete insight into the struggles women face, how to overcome an identity crisis and live a full life.  Luisa explains how by limiting beliefs you can ruin your life.  The book and movie “The Secret” awakened her to a whole new life and she loves to help women find their best selves.

Awakening Consciousness: Limiting Beliefs Can Ruin Your Life!


Luisa Sousa’s bio

Luisa Sousa is a Portuguese native from Lisbon.  She is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach.

“Life began to make sense to me, at a point where I finally was able to breathe and I began to know who I was around 50, after my divorce.

I have been an Entrepreneur for more than 20 years in a few areas like, Health, Real Estate and International MLM.

I have had to start my life from scratch 6 times. From running Rural Tourism in the countryside to a Dishwasher and being a Cook, from being a Real Estate Agent to a Dog Walker and Housekeeper, I have really done a bit of everything like a Jack of all Trades. At the time I thought my life was over, without dreams and joy.

Yet getting to know myself I realized that my life was an amazing roller coaster. Today I do not see myself as a victim of circumstances, on the contrary, I am thankful for those years of pain and difficulties, suffering and hurt because they made the strong and resilient woman which I am today and in reality, it showed me my Life Purpose. I know now that it was all about my limiting beliefs and lacking self-love, self-respect, self-esteem, my low confidence and believing I was not good enough.

Though through all those years I never lost my vision and perspective of helping people around the world. I have always felt that call.

Today, I see myself as a beacon of hope who guides and inspires women over 50 to live the life they deserve by birthright. And this is my passionate work. I hope to be able to inspire women to change their lives, as I changed mine.

Now I am an inspiring speaker, self and spiritual development leader, Ambassador for Peace with the (WFWP) Women´s Federation for World Peace and Chair Person with the (ALL) All Ladies League for Estoril – Lisbon – Portugal”.

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