We are just ending a difficult 2020.  In January 2020 we didn’t expect to be face to face with a global pandemic which would last this year and into next.  So business wise, are you ready for 2021?

Our guest, business consultant Anna Yu, shows us how some of the key ideas from the Corporate world can help small and medium business sustain and grow their business in 2021.

In this podcast “Are You Ready for 2021”, Anna talks about:

How we need to tighten the lens to a much shorter time frame when assessing our business.  Instead of planning 12 months or 18 months out, we should be looking at the next 30 days to:

  • Evaluate your business as to where you should spend your time
  • Consolidate
  • Be proactive, plan and make the tough decisions about
    • Your workforce
    • Suppliers
    • Government Assistance Plans
    • Cash Flow
  • Innovate in growth areas
  • Collaborate

Are You Ready for 2021?

Sustaining and Growing Your Business – Podcast

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Anna also partners with Technoplanet and Channel Partner Alliance as a coach, where she delivers expert advice on leadership, strategies and execution plans to help channel businesses.grow.


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A Proactive Leadership and/or Business Self Assessment. Contact me at yuconsultinggroup@gmail.com for a complimentary 30 minute session.

Anna Yu Bio

Working with companies at all stages of growth, Anna Yu is the Founder and President of Yu Consulting Group.  Anna provides consulting/ advisory services to companies at all stages of growth. She brings visions to reality by applying the “The Yu Advantage” – bringing together business and personal performance to create a holistic approach and focusing on Strategy, People and Results.

“The Yu Advantage” believes that good leadership will affect a company’s bottom line.  Anna brings together personal and business performance to develop an approach where she incorporates the coaching of business owners to be effective leaders in their personal lives, to  drive optimal business results.

Anna brings her large corporate experience and successful methods from her corporate career as a trusted transformational leader  where she guided and companies through the challenges of change & growth – alongside facilitating people, processes and systems to common goals (The Bank of Nova Scotia, Dell Financial Services, The CIT Group, and Xerox) and her work with businesses of all sizes –  to small & medium businesses with desired outcomes. Her areas of expertise include: Strategy Planning & Execution, Business Model Development, Coaching for High Performance, Marketing Strategy, Finance Operations, Risk Management, Operational Excellence.

Yu Consulting Group offers a menu of proven best practices and practical solutions to business owners and companies, which are translated to actionable and measurable outcomes for businesses and their teams to drive positive business outcomes.

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