Ameniki Omotola is a Mogulista from Trinidad. She has been working as a professional blogger since 2012, giving advice to others on small business branding and promotion.  In today’s discussion, Ameniki is talking about a subject that we rarely dare to talk about.  Anxiety.  After a very successful start to her business, with lofty goals in sight, her business lost momentum. Suddenly that upward sales trend stalled.  During this time of anxiety, Ameniki questioned everything.  She wondered if she had made the right decision to follow her heart and embrace entrepreneurship.  Listen to this very frank discussion about how to deal with anxiety and entrepreneurship.


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Ameniki Omotola – Trinidad Mogulista Bio

“I ONLY EAT WHAT I KILL!” That’s the mantra of the creative hustler, she is fierce, unafraid and KILLING IT. Not with guns but with sheer genius and grit. I’m happy to introduce you to Trinidad Mogulista, a movement of creatives who are always looking for the next big thing, who are mastering their craft while building it and who want others to join in.

Trinidad Mogulista is all about helping creatives stand out and pushing them forward to their MOGUL legacy by using these platforms to catapult them into their own form of success.

At the helm, is the Chief Everything Officer, Ameniki Omotola.

Ameniki Omotola is a Creative Entrepreneur with the vision and goal to help other “Moguls” and “Mogulistas” realize their business potential and thrive in the small business market through her online platform. Her creative pursuits have always been an integral part of her personality from a very young age and have driven her to follow a successful career in the Creative Entrepreneur field since 2007. She has also been working as a professional blogger since 2012, giving advice to others on small business branding and promoting aspects.

Ameniki is armed with an enthusiastic approach for work and a “go-get-it” professional attitude. She is able to offer her clients one-of-a-kind services and advice that covers all aspects of small business development online—from the development of their own corporate brand and identity to attracting more leads and conversions, contributing to a richly rewarding online presence.

Ameniki is determined to help Small Creative Business owners from Trinidad & Tobago and all corners of the globe conquer their small business social media challenges like she has successfully managed to conquer herself over the years. She comes up with real solutions concerning her clients’ online creative business social media strategies–from the moment they launch their business to being mentioned in the prestigious Forbes list.

Trinidad Mogulista, turning these tables….. Ensuring that Trinidad is definitely turning heads with all her clothes on….  Ameniki is also a Ph.D. Candidate, M.A. and B.A. General and Theoretical Psychology FDU (Teaneck, New Jersey)


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