Make The Impossible Possible – A 3 Step Process to Creating an Abundant Life

In our podcast with Shenal Arimilli, Transformational Leader, Manifestation Mentor, International Award-Winning Speaker, Author and Workshop Facilitator from Austin, Texas, we explore a 3-step process to creating an abundant life and making the impossible possible.  We can co-create our own miracles, we just need to break free from the roadblocks to success.

3 step process to creating an abundant life

Learn all about the ATM 3 step process to creating an abundant life: Awakening, Transformation, Manifestation

Shenal talks about how most people want to skip straight to manifestation, but in order to get to manifestation we have to work through the whole process of awakening and transformation and do the work in order to reach the manifestation of inner peace, inner power and inner prosperity.

If you want to change your life, to create an abundance of peace, love, joy, health and prosperity listen with Shenal as she takes you on your journey to success with a 3 step process to creating an abundant life.

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Bio Shenal Arimilli, BA, MPT

Transformational Leader, Manifestation Mentor, International Award-Winning Speaker, Author and Workshop Facilitator

Shenal’s signature approach to transforming lives masterfully couples science and spirituality with personal, professional, and spiritual development.  Her approach converges the science of physiology, neuroscience, psychology, and quantum physics with the age-old wisdom of consciousness and spirituality to create quantum leaps in transforming lives.  As a transformational consultant, manifestation mentor, entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer, and workshop facilitator in life transformation, Shenal works with clients globally, transforming lives by teaching powerful techniques to co-create miracles.

Her spiritual depth and intuition facilitate the process of awakening those who are ready to step back into their power to create and live the abundant life – peace, love, joy, health, and wealth. She stands to believe that anything is possible.

Shenal graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology and received her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy.  After years of clinical practice, she climbed the corporate ladder in Hospital Management and Administration as Director of Clinical Services before beginning her entrepreneurial journey doing what she loves and touching lives worldwide!

Her personal journey of awakening, healing and life transformation coupled with her extensive postgraduate training are the cornerstones of her work.  She is a thought leader and visionary, pushing the envelope for change and leading individuals to activate their full potential.

Shenal has been featured on radio shows, international podcasts, and as a guest columnist for BW Business World Magazine. While she was awarded Exceptional Woman of Excellence at the 2018 International Women’s Economic Forum, she continues to remain utterly grateful for her amazing husband of 27 years, her 2 beautiful young adult children who she adores, her clients who inspire her, and life itself.

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