Understanding the Social Styles of Your Customers

Reading people: how understanding the social styles of your customers, your colleagues and yourself can make it possible for you to flex and adapt your style to achieve understanding, motivation and results.   Our podcast guest, Aileen McNabb has spent most of her career making presentations and is an expert at reading the room and adapting to the audience.  She shares the important skill of understanding the social styles of your customers.  Aileen breaks them down into four quadrants for easy recognition and explains these styles in the podcast. And which style is Donald Trump?   Listen to find out, you might be surprised!

6 Powerful Tips for Understanding the Social Styles of Your Customers 16 Powerful Tips for Understanding the Social Styles of Your Customers 2

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Aileen McNabb Bio

I’m a presales person.  That means I’ve spent most of my career working in the world of software sales, doing demos and leading others who do them.

This has proven to be a rewarding career, in many ways.  It started as I was leading a team to purchase and implement software.  I saw the various roles up close, and the presales role appealed to me.  While some people are terrified by public speaking, I love being at the front of the room.  I came to observe that those of us who love this career seem to love being a combination of expert and performer!

Now I’m taking all that experience, both the successes and (rare, of course!) failures, the training, the fun and the challenges and putting them into an online course to help people in the presales role do amazing presentations.  These are selling, relating and persuading skills that apply to anyone who has to stand up and do a presentation.  More accurately, they apply to every conversation we have in business and in many cases other parts of our lives.


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