Our health expert, Kelly Duffin explains the 6 foundational principles for optimal health in this first podcast for 2020.  Every day we are thinking, breathing and moving, but essential to our health are sleep, nutrition and hydration.

6 Foundational Principles for Optimal Health

More than 90% of any health, wellness or body image challenge stems from an imbalance of one or more of the 6 foundational principles for optimal health.  Learn how you can re-balance these 6 foundational principles and have optimal health.


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I’d like to offer a FREE total health chart – This is questionnaire based, where I supply a chart showing all major systems of the body, which systems contain any red flags and how high of a priority it is for your health right now. This helps let you know what is going on with your current health, as well as what might be coming down the line in the future health wise for you.  To get your FREE health chart, hop on to Kelly’s website and fill in the contact form asking for the free total health chart and the Fabulous Fempreneurship podcast!

Kelly Duffin Bio

Kelly has devoted more than a decade to learning and practicing in all areas of Holistic Health. She is an Advanced Holistic Health Practitioner, Individualized Nutrition Specialist, Lifestyle Coach, Personal Training Specialist, Public Speaker, Health and Fitness Expert and Author. She is an influential figure in Holistic Health, having near unparalleled success using cutting edge assessment and treatment techniques.


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