Beyond Silicon Valley
Michael Goldberg’s “Beyond Silicon Valley” book and Online Course Inspires! IntroducingMichael Goldberg, Assistant Professor, Department of Design and Innovation, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Michael developed an online course called Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies.  Over 135,000 students have taken this course. named Beyond […]

How The “Beyond Silicon Valley” Book And Course Have Inspired ...

Running small and medium size businesses in emerging markets is very challenging.  In this podcast, Kitawa talks about how MAMA Ventures has helped over 96 companies launch their ventures in Kenya and other parts of Africa and the sub-Sahara area.  Kitawa also discusses blockchain technology and crypto currency. Kitawa Wemo Bio […]

Running Small And Medium Size Businesses in Emerging Markets

Tisha Jack has an eventful career based in Trinidad.  During Tisha’s ten years of multifaceted experience in event management, she has moved from working as part of in-house teams to being a consultant who specializes in event management. In this podcast, Tisha takes us through her journey from solo entrepreneurship to business […]

From Solo Entrepreneurship to Business Owner

The Entrepreneurship Path Our featured podcast guest today, Anu Vittal, has a unique story to tell.  Once you hear her journey, you will understand why Anu believes in the importance of entrepreneurship for women. From her own debilitating injuries and the inability to get comfortable, Anu invented unique beanbag chairs. Her beanbag […]

The Importance Of Entrepreneurship For Women

Marylou Heenan on expanding your business internationally
Our podcast guest, Marylou Heenan, ran successful language schools for over 30 years.  All her business was from international markets.  Expanding your business internationally takes a different kind of experience.  Marylou explains how to develop the right relationships to help you reach markets that you have never ventured into before.  Her vast […]

Expanding Your Business Internationally

Tania Benetar, PhD
Optimum Health and Wellness Health and wellness expert, Dr. Tania Benetar Ph.D.,  addresses why it’s still a struggle to achieve optimum health and wellness.  In this podcast, we talk about the toxins in our lives that prevent us from having optimum health.  Women entrepreneurs often think of their own health last, […]

How to Achieve Optimum Health And Wellness

Mobile app technology with Tricia Belmonte of Like Us Communications
Businesses have been slower adopters of mobile app technology due to the high cost of development.  New template technology, much like web builder technology used by WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify, now simplifies the process and keeps the cost in the affordable range. Is A Mobile App For Your Business? […]

Could A Mobile App Help Your Business Grow?

From one store to multiple locations, Joni Lien, Founder of SupperWorks takes us through the SupperWorks story. This a great, inspirational interview on how to franchise a business. We learn the difference between having one store and working ‘in’ your business and becoming a visionary, business development builder in her role […]

How To Franchise A Business

Living Abroad, Successfully
Could You Be Living Abroad, Successfully? Rachel Smets has lived in multiple countries and speaks many languages.  She is an expert in living abroad.  In her latest Amazon Best Seller, “Living Abroad Successfully: What, When, How”, Rachel explores all the avenues to make your transition abroad a happy experience.  So many […]

Living Abroad, Successfully

Communication with Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi
In this podcast, we explore the world of communication with Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi of Montreux, Switzerland. In our discussion, we cover the role of communication for individual entrepreneurs and organizations. How do we communicate, effectively and efficiently? We also talk about non-verbal communication, how non-verbal cues can lead to misunderstanding […]

Understanding “Communication”

Awakening counsiousness, limiting beliefs can ruin your life
In this episode Certified Life Coach, Luisa Sousa talks about how we can change our lives by awakening consciousness and the law of attraction.   Women can rescue themselves and find meaning in their lives.  Through her own journey, Luisa gives her complete insight into the struggles women face, how to overcome […]

Awakening Consciousness: Limiting Beliefs Can Ruin Your Life!

women entrepreneurs in Cuba
Has The Installation Of Trump as U.S. President Changed Anything For Women Entrepreneurs in Cuba? On our third trip to Cuba this year for a women entrepreneur mastermind, that was the question on our mind.  What has changed for women entrepreneurs in Cuba?   The answer is “nothing”.   It’s still business […]

Women Entrepreneurs in Cuba 2017

Branding Partnerships Can Help Build Your Business You’ve probably heard the African saying “If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together”. That’s what branding partnerships are all about, going far, together. In this podcast our expert, Karen Syszcz explains how she was able […]

Branding Partnerships For Business Growth

The Power of LinkedIn For Business Networking Nothing helps you better in business than networking through LinkedIn.  Our LinkedIn expert/trainer Stacy Maynard walks us through a professional profile set up and LinkedIn etiquette.  The real value of LinkedIn is creating an online business connection and then moving it offline to […]

The Power of LinkedIn

Rachel Braun Scherl Podcast
Do You Have a Leadership Voice? For women in business, finding a leadership voice can be daunting.  Our podcast guest, Rachel Braun Scherl explains how she had to develop her own leadership voice when looking for venture capital.  She had 11 opportunities to change her pitch when the audiences were […]

Finding Your Leadership Voice