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We are a global support network of women entrepreneurs.  Whether you are in Europe, Asia, or North America, our community of mentors and awesome women entrepreneurs will help your on your journey to successful entrepreneurship.

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We have so many podcasts that can help you.  If you are overwhelmed, have a fear of launching your business, are stressed or need business help, we cover it all in our series of podcasts.  We have over 80 podcast recordings in our library, so don’t delay, listen to one of our fabulous podcasts today.

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Every woman entrepreneur needs a mentor.  Our experienced mentors will give you  their time, absolutely FREE.  Take advantage of this opportunity to speak to someone on our mentor panel who can help supercharge your business success.

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Fabulous Fempreneurship Startup Guide

Our Fabulous Fempreneurship book covers everything you need to know in the first few years of business.  How to map out your business idea, write your business plan for funding, how to brand your business and get online.  This comprehensive guide will have your business up and running in no time. Over 30 women contributed their experiences and will help you rocket to success.

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Cuban Women Entrepreneurs 2019

Cuban Women Entrepreneurs 2019

Cuban Women Entrepreneurs 2019 As Canadians, we are free to visit Cuba and we have held our mastermind in Varadero and Cayo Coco for the last 5 years.  In 2019 it was interesting to see what changes there are now that US President Trump is taking a harder line with...

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How To Use Competitor Research To Your Advantage

How To Use Competitor Research To Your Advantage

Guest Post by Rodney Laws....Image credit: Pexels Competitor Research When selling your handmade goods, craft items or art, you need to think like a commercial business. You’ll need to consider who is going to buy your work, whether there’s a market for it, and what...

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Cuban Women Entrepreneurs 2018 – Has Anything Changed?

Cuban Women Entrepreneurs 2018 – Has Anything Changed?

On our annual visit and business mastermind to Cuba in 2018, I was interested to see if anything had changed for Cuban women entrepreneurs. Cuban Women Entrepreneurs in 2018 As expected, life was continuing as normal.  Not much has changed in a year.  The talks with...

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