Karen Swyszcz (1)
Branding Partnerships Can Help Build Your Business You’ve probably heard the African saying “If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together”. That’s what branding partnerships are all about, going far, together. In this podcast our expert, Karen Syszcz explains how she was able […]

Branding Partnerships For Business Growth

Stacy Maynard
The Power of LinkedIn For Business Networking Nothing helps you better in business than networking through LinkedIn.  Our LinkedIn expert/trainer Stacy Maynard walks us through a professional profile set up and LinkedIn etiquette.  The real value of LinkedIn is creating an online business connection and then moving it offline to […]

The Power of LinkedIn

Rachel Braun Scherl Podcast
Do You Have a Leadership Voice? For women in business, finding a leadership voice can be daunting.  Our podcast guest, Rachel Braun Scherl explains how she had to develop her own leadership voice when looking for venture capital.  She had 11 opportunities to change her pitch when the audiences were […]

Finding Your Leadership Voice

Facebook Ads Made Easy
Facebook Ads Made Easy with Tammy Our special guest,  Facebook expert Tammy Hudgin, takes listeners through the whole process of finding your target market and setting up Facebook ads.  Tammy also talks about how to manage your ads while your campaign is still running, therefore, maximizing your ad budget. In […]

Facebook Ads Made Easy

Rachel Smets - Best Selling Author, TedX Speaker on Confidence
How To Find Your Confidence In our podcast with Rachel Smets of the Netherlands, we explore how to find your confidence when there are so many things going around in your head that undermines that confidence. Rachel shares her top three tips for achieving your own confidence. Take Action Step […]

The Confidence Factor – How To Find Your Confidence

Building Businesses From Scratch
A Discussion About Building Businesses From Scratch In this podcast episode, serial entrepreneur, Crystal Leochko talks about building and selling her marketing company and why she started Bloomiss, a natural skincare line.  Crystal is a pro at building businesses from scratch. One business was a service company and Bloomiss is […]

Building Businesses From Scratch – Tips For Entrepreneurs

Marietta Snetsinger -2
Many of us struggle with our diet.  We know we should be eating healthy foods to maintain our ideal weight and health but entrepreneurs are probably the worst at eating regularly and wisely.  How can we have a healthy relationship with food when we have irregular hours and many demands […]

Entrepreneurs And A Healthy Relationship With Food

Networking For Business
Networking for business can be intimidating for some people.  You may be comfortable in your immediate network of family, friends or business colleagues, but venturing into a huge room with strangers may be extremely uncomfortable. Our podcast guest is business expert, Darcy Roberts, of Spiral By Design Consulting.  Darcy guides […]

Learn The Secrets Of Networking For Business

Podcast cover Pat D (2)
How can we understand what our prospective clients need if you aren’t talking the same language? In this podcast episode, we explore how to talk to prospects so they feel we understand them.   Our guest is an international expert, Pat Duckworth, from the U.K.  She explains in this podcast […]

Turning Prospects Into Clients Using the Right Language

Molly Burke and guide dog Gallop
Imagine you are 14 years old and popular among your peers, but life’s events take a nasty turn and in a short time you become the target of bullying. Bullying to Believing This is the moving story Molly Burke shared with women entrepreneurs at the Company of Women conference in May […]

From Bullying to Believing: The Inspirational Story of Entrepreneur ...

ES Social for Good Conf
With grit and determination, you can go from the bottom of the corporate ladder to the top and then re-invent yourself to transitioning to entrepreneurship. That’s what happened to Elaine Slatter. It’s possible for #womenentrepremenurs to achieve their dreams and goals by focusing one step at a time, despite setbacks.

Transitioning to entrepreneurship: The story of a woman’s entrepreneurial ...

Leadership Tips for Women Entrepreneurs No-one knows better than Teresa Cascioli about leadership.  Teresa is the former Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Lakeport Brewing.  She took bankrupt Lakeport to a successful income trust IPO and subsequent sale to its biggest competitor despite never having run a corporation before.  (Teresa […]

Leadership Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

7 Tips to Avoid Burnout for Women Entrepreneurs
Are You Scrambling Up A Down Escalator & Heading For Burnout? Entrepreneurship is stressful enough, let alone trying to juggle your family needs. Often burnout is just lurking around the corner unless we recognize how to avoid it.  Try some of these tips to achieve optimum health, focus and business […]

7 Tips To Avoid Burnout for Women Entrepreneurs

A radio DJ announces news in a studio
Our entrepreneuship discussion podcast is hosted by Tracy J of Power eX Radio, UK.   How has technology changed the way we do business?   What does entrepreneurship look like in 2017 and much more.    

Entrepreneurship Discussion Podcast

Logan Joiner - Legoland
You never know where you are going to meet someone and hear and amazing story. Last week I was at Legoland in Orlando, Florida where I met Logan Joiner and his Dad. Logan is 11 and he is helping people facing fear. Logan says: Letting fear take over can hold […]

Logan Joiner and Facing Fear: Be Brave and Ride ...