The Marci’s Bakery Story

Marci’s Bakery in Hamilton, Ontario is the dream of Marci Prebianca-Upson.    She launched her wholesale gluten free bakery business in 2012 after some life changing events.

Marci has so much experience in the food/restaurant business.   From front end manager of a restaurant, owning a vegan/healthy bakery and deli retail location and bakery manager of the Goodness Me chain of natural food stores.

Marci had to take a break from the food industry when life threw a curve at the family.  With the loss of a child, came a decision to choose a career that was less demanding on herself and her family.    For a while she was a mortgage broker serving the financial needs of families.

But the call to serve the needs of people with allergens, coupled with Marci’s love of baking resulted in the launch of  Marci’s Bakery in 2012. Autism and Downs Syndrome families also have better outcomes if they include gluten-free products in their diets.   Athletes need paleo snacks and those with celiac sensitivity or celiac disease also have to eat gluten free.

Marci inherited her gift of baking from both her grandmothers.    With a lot of practice, research and an extreme interest in healthy food Marci felt equipped to start her wholesale bakery.

The Goodness Me chain, with 10 locations, is one of her biggest customers, supplying them with a variety of her tasty gluten free, vegan, nut free baked items.

 Now with a staff of five, Marci is expanding her business outside of the local trading area to other parts of Ontario and now into Quebec.

3 Biggest Hurdles

We asked Marci what are the biggest hurdles she has had to overcome, she says:

  1. My thought life (ie: fear, worry, will people like what I’m making).
  2.  Promises from “BIG” customers that don’t materialize.
  3.  Finances to grow the company and support my beautiful family.

Marci’s Bakery Samplings

We all need a treat, so why not choose a healthy treat?

marcis-paleo-bitesPaleo Protein Bites

Snacks like the protein bites which are jam packed full of seeds, raisins and cranberries make a perfect trail running snack or a nice, nutritious addition to a kid’s school lunch box. They are vegan, nut free and Paleo; a healthy fix for on-the-go hunger.

marcis-browniesThe Brilliant Brownie

A perennial favorite, this decadent treat contains a  mixture of sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, non-dairy cocoa butter, cocoa and brown rice flour.


FF:  What advice would you give to someone starting out with a business
such as yours that requires a manufacturing facility?

Set goals. Do your numbers. Do they make sense? Can you make money from your amazing idea(?) Don’t give up!

2016 Awards for Specialty Foods

Marci’s Bakery is proud to be voted as a semi-finalist in Canada’s Top Specialty Food Awards.   The finals will be in Vancouver later this year.   We are rooting for Marci’s Bakery.

Marci’s Bakery Online Store

Not only are Marci’s Bakery products available in healthy food stores in Southern Ontario and Quebec, they are also available online.    Check out these amazing products here.

head-shot-2-marci-2016About Marci Prebianca-Upson

Wanting to make it “all better” has always been my driving force. Knowing that Marci’s Bakery is providing you with that feeling when you are enjoying one of our tasty indulgences, would make my grandmothers’ proud!

Understanding my sensitivity for people and my desire to bake, I found myself attracted to people with food allergies and specific dietary needs. This motivated me to go beyond my University Social Work training, to more specific training in Celiac’s Disease, Nutrition, and Food Science.  Hence the birth of Marci’s Bakery.