A guest post by Jenn Shull, MA is an ontological coach and certified yoga instructor who serves her clients in personal and professional transformation.  She uses her background of behavioral psychology, counseling, and neuro rehab to support the process.  In addition, Jenn is a Doterra wellness advocate because of how much essential oils have aided her on her journey.  Jenn believes that when our bodies, minds, and spirits are thriving, we have greater access to our highest selves.

Power and Focus

It’s no secret that our lives are more full than ever in this day and age.  We are daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, mentors, business owners, and so much more.  We have reminders going off in our phones, notifications for our social media, mountains of emails, text messages, phone calls, to do list for our to do lists, etc.

Often times, we wake up with anxiety about how we’re doing to do it all.  We go to bed feeling like we’re not enough when we haven’t gotten all the boxes checked off.  If only we had more time, we think to ourselves…

I am going to share a tool with you today that will auto-magically create more time for you because you won’t be using your precious energy resisting.


Power and Focus Tool

What counts is


The intention of this tool (The Top 6) is to add power and focus to what you’re creating.  Sometimes the things we are generating can be confronting, which is common when we are pouring our hearts and souls into our biz.  This will allow you to move forward even when you’re up against something.



So, here’s how it works…

  • Write down the top 6 things you want to accomplish today, in order of importance. The object is to do as many of these as possible, but not beat yourself up if you don’t.
  • At the bottom of this list, add categories for errands, to dos, and phone calls/emails/messages.
  • Take on the first item in your top 6, and go as far as you can with it. If you get stuck with the first one, move on to the second and so on.  Invite yourself to relate to action taken or completion of as a win.
  • When you get stuck with your top 6, move down to your three categories and knock some of them out. Then, hop back up to your top 6.  We are in control of our power and possibility rather than avoiding it or being controlled by it when we approach it from this angle.
  • Start a new list each day. What’s a priority today may not be one tomorrow.
  • If it serves you, plan your day prior to turning in for the night.

If you’ve ever heard the saying, “eat the frog”, this is a great way to do just that! Please, contact me, Jenn Shull,  if you’d like a copy of the document I have created, or if you just want to connect.

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