Gratitude word cloud on white backgroundReflect, and choose 12 days of gratitude instead of 12 days of Christmas.

As the holiday season approaches, instead of making it a mad time of shopping, partying and spending beyond reason, celebrate the season differently.

As the world is grappling with the second wave of COVID-19 in December 2020, it’s so important to focus on what we already have rather than what we have lost.

The First Day of Gratitude

Be thankful.   Thankful for waking up, getting out of bed and starting a new day….just being able to breathe.  See what Ophrah’s guests are grateful for. .   This should kick off your first grateful day.

The Second Day of Gratitude

girls with arms around each other

Be happy.   Be happy with who you are.   Look in the mirror and your reflection.  Make sure you are the best YOU.  Like that person in the mirror….no, LOVE that person in the mirror.  You are unique, put on this earth for a purpose.  Be happy with you.

The Third Day of Gratitude

heartBe Grateful.  

In the words of Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, who recently wrote about grieving the loss of her husband.

I hope that everyone out there can find something worthy of gratitude. Loss and recovery are an inevitable part of being human, and I realize more and more that these experiences which take so much from us also give us the ability to be grateful on a deeper level.

The Fourth Day of Gratitude

woman and computer

Start a Gratitude Journal.   Write down every day, something you are grateful for.   See if you can find 5 things every day that you are grateful for.  There’s even an app for that!

The Fifth Day of Gratitude

Be Generous to Someone.   Generosity isn’t giving away money.  It can be something very simple as helping someone solve a problem, listening to a colleague vent, supporting someone in need with a kind word.

The Sixth Day of Gratitude

woman and daughterTeach Gratitude to Your Children.   Help your children be thankful for small kindnesses.  You will be supporting their emotional happiness and development.  It will help them survive in the world of bullies.


The Seventh Day of Gratitude

Be A friend To Someone in Need.   Do you know a lonely person, a person who is grieving, a friend battling cancer?   Pick up the phone and call them just to chat.  Make them a priority for the day.   Send them a “thinking of you” card.

The Eighth Day of Gratitude

Focus on What You Have Rather Than What You Don’t Have. There is always going to be someone out there who is smarter, better looking, has more money, more successful, but if you focus on the negatives of what you don’t have, you are missing the true celebration of the abundance that you DO have.  Think about all the things that you are grateful for and write them down every day in your journal.

The Ninth Day of Gratitude


Pretty woman doing yoga exercises in the park

Count the Blessings of  Good Health.   What is good health?  A day where you wake up, can get out of bed and are pain free.  Treat your body well, it’s the only one you have.  Meditate for five minutes, relax and take deep breathes and focus your energies on the positives in your life.


The Tenth Day of Gratitude

Give Love.  If you are full of gratitude you are also full of love.  Love is free to give so give out some love today.   Hug a friend, call someone you know is lonely or depressed.  Laugh with your co-workers.    Pay for a stranger’s order at the drive through.

The  11th Day of Gratitude

Hands holding piece of paper for lottery on wooden table on blue background

Start a gratitude jar.   On January 1st add a note for anything you are grateful for.  On December 31st, read all the notes you have written during the year.

The 12th Day of Gratitude

Beautiful girl looking at sun sky after the rain with hands open in gratitude

Be at peace.    This is your reward for practicing 11 days of gratitude!

Gratitude revives your brain, it rewires you to celebrate everything you have in your life and will give you emotional happiness.  Let go of all your “stuff”, get out of your own way and make a change for 2020 by focusing on gratitude.


Are you going to rewire yourself in 2021 to be grateful?  Now more than ever with the COVID-19 second wave continuing into a new year, we still have a lot to be grateful for. 

  • More quality time to spend with our family
  • Appreciating the country we live in
  • Spending more time outdoors
  • Valuing the unconditional love our pets have for us humans
  • Seeing how our children are adjusting to a new normal that they have never experienced before
  • Being more sensitive that many people are very vulnerable in 2020 both mentally and physically

What are you grateful for?

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