Guest Post by Jo-Ann Hamilton, Founder of Secret Birds (UK) and a Fabulous Fempreneurship mentor

One Bird, Two Wings

Every bird has two wings, but unfortunately, some birds are flying around with a bruised, crippled or under-functioning wing. Flying in such a condition is not only inefficient but it’s unnecessary. How do we know that our wings are in this most awful state? Our reality, is just that, until someone shows us differently, we can’t be blamed or can we? If you are flying abnormally the Nest is here to help. The London Nest needed inspiration like no other so we brought Tesla with us. Like Tesla, we believe in the super efficient flying machine. Many said Tesla was a man out of his time. Our #FemaleFounder community is cutting edge and futuristic moving forward in a direction, like no other, beyond our time. Telsa planned on transporting bodies through air with his flying machine. We plan and will equip our Birds with the fuel to ensure both wings are fully functional. Birds need a plan so to begin here are the ten steps to flight.

1.  Know who you are and what you want

You are lost and confused and feel a sense of hopelessness. You work at a job you hate, your colleagues are very bitter and you are slowly transforming that way too. You are in a bad relationship or maybe you need to take a hold of your health. There are many obstacles and things holding you back, is there a better life? Yes, darling, there is more, much more and you are missing out. You need some values, tell me what are you about? What do you dream about and can’t live without? What do you stand for? Do you believe in something bigger than you? I want you to get some values and start thinking deeply about who you are and what your legacy will be when you leave this earth. Look in the mirror and ask yourself this question everyday: Who am I?

2.  Be an incurable optimist

You visited the doctor and she said you are very ill, your illness is terminal. Your disease is optimism and it will kill you with happiness. Optimism is good fluid, think of it as the one thing your wing needs to soar. It is one of the main drivers behind your flight. You can’t fly if you are negative. Rare Birds, fly when they are positive. Change your habits, embrace your emotions, be grateful for all you have and start thinking about your unique talents and how you can share them with the world. Write down your dreams, affirm them and think about them all the time. More importantly, remember that NO means next opportunity. All of those situations and experiences which seemed negative are actually lessons. Make sure you pay attention, lots of learning involved in this flight. It is all about a Life of Pi.

3.  Know your weaknesses

You have many strengths and equally many weaknesses.’ Weaknesses are a great problem to have because once identified we can do something about them. List them all out, understand them, study them and then seek out individuals who can help you in these areas. No Bird flies on her own, she needs a team, lots of help and people to build her up, so she can be stellar. Go be stellar with your tribe.

4.  Find your tribe and create tribes

Tribalism is in, it never left, actually. You need to find your people, seek out those who think like you, share your passions and want to fly. The planet is populated by 7.1 billion people. Digest that for a minute. Do you really think there are people out there you can’t connect with, who you can grow and share with? Darling, they are everywhere, go find them. Then start your own tribe because you have so many interesting things to say and do that you can’t help yourself. People to see, places to go and things to do. Girl go!

5.  Believe in yourself

Your self esteem is low, you are not confident and you figure you’ll just hide and wait for someone to come along and do for you, what you should do for yourself. If you do not believe in you, no one will. Stop over analyzing, stop over-thinking and stop worrying about what other people think. Tell me what you think about yourself. You weren’t born to suffer, you were born with a destiny. Step 1 is closely connected to self belief. When you know who you are and what you want it is very easy to believe in yourself because you know you will achieve.

6.  Give

It is important that you give of yourself, time and resources. No Bird has ever flied by being selfish. It is really easy to get caught up when you live in societies that say you must be ruthless in order to attain success. Success is a shared effort. Repeat the Bird motto: Share your secrets, share your success. Give without expecting anything in return. Give because you want to help. Give because it makes you feel good. Give because it is the right thing to do.

7.  Let go

That guy who broke your heart, that evil boss, that once-upon-a-time girlfriend that stabbed you in the back. The opportunity that never came along, that life you wish you could have, should have, been. If only maybe I had said this or done that. No darling, let it go. Toxic Birds don’t fly. Let it go to meditation, let it go to Jesus, let it go to Buddha, let it go to the ocean, let it go in that new kick boxing class. You need to let it go so that you can fly. You have one destination: Sky!

8.  Focus

If you want to get to your rightful place at the top, you need to focus. Pick one thing and follow it through, relentlessly. Your energy and time should be directed at this one thing: your idea. You must eat, breathe and sleep the dream. It sounds intense because that’s what happens when passion is aligned with purpose, it creates focus. A focused Bird is a serious Bird. Your brain, body, heart and entire spirit must be so wrapped up in this idea that all else will fall aside.

9. Fierce Up

Fierce isn’t about aggression or having a chip. Fierce is about boundaries. It is important that on this journey you create a healthy space for yourself. Ensure that others know what you will and wont’ tolerate (this is connected to Step 1). It is not OK for others to walk all over you and it is surely not OK for you to be that person that always says yes. You say yes to things and people you do not care about because you are afraid of being judged. Accept that not everyone will like you and not everyone will agree with you. Reverting back to the human population, there are 7.1 billion people and a few have decided that they do not share your views. And so what? You have found your tribe (Step 4) so the opinions of others are of no concern to you. You are fierce and fierce Birds fly!

10.  Keep Going

You will not stop, you will find a way. You will adjust, you will make changes. The journey is long but you are prepared to stay the course. You will keep going knowing that the destination is within reach. You have come this far, taken on all 9 steps, you are there in the sky, you just need to hold on, so keep going, you are bound to fly high, high, high!
Nikola Telsa: “The practical success of the idea, regardless of its inherent advantages depends on the attitude of the people. If it suits the time it is accepted.” They said he was insane, they will say that about you too. They said he was a maniac, they will say that about you too. Today planets, awards and major automobile companies bear his name. Will you pursue your idea? Every Bird has two wings, but you choose to fly with one. Share your secrets and share your success within our community of Birds who are ready to fly.
Every Bird has two wings, some chose to fly with one. Are you flying with both wings? Find out more about our London Nest by sharing your secret here:, we can’t wait to hear from you.