Yes, Entrepreneurial Education is as Close as Your Computer

Can Entrepreneurship be taught?   Yes, there are many courses you can take to get an entrepreneurial education.   Have you every heard of a MOOC?  This is short for “Massive Open Online Course”.  There are several platforms that provide MOOCs but one of the best is Coursera.

If you browse their catalog you can find many free courses.  Others are offered for just a small fee.  Some offer specialization courses too.   The courses offered are by prestigious universities and it’s a way to get a university education for free (except you don’t get that degree at the end of it).   Students virtually attend the courses from around the world and have discussions with fellow learners on discussion boards.   It is the new dynamic way of interacting sort of like a ‘virtual campus’, only you are connecting in your pj’s, at work, at the coffee shop, in your shared workspace, or wherever you happen to be.

If you want to learn about how entrepreneurship communities are built, then try the course from Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio  called “Beyond Silicon Valley: Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies“.  Dr. Michael Goldberg, the professor in this course, explains how students taking this course in Macedonia,  have applied it to their own startup ecosystem.

Starting a new business but don’t know how to get started?  The three level course from the University of Maryland College Park will take you right from startup mode, to ideation and finally funding.  This is the number one ranked course on entrepreneurship on Coursera.  It gives you a great foundation for understanding entrepreneurship.

You have nothing to lose, why not sign up for a free entrepreneurial education course today?